“I need a massage!” How many times have we heard that?! I think I’ve probably said it at least 7 times today. We all know there are ample reasons why we should get a massage, but I thought I’d highlight 3 since I like that number.

1. Helps to manage stress.
Let’s face it stress is a part of life, and the older I get (I’m 30 1/2 btw), the more I know this to be true. A statistic that rings true in my mind is that 90% of illness is related to stress, and when I read that I think… “Oh, yikes.” The good news is, we can help manage stress with massage. Massage is a natural form of therapy that addresses all sorts of health complications and is a healthy way to let.it.go. I recently had the pleasure to experience Kai’s 60 minute Elemental Nature Massage and left in a euphoric state of mind. My shoulders were relaxed, my headache was gone and I felt like I could breathe better. Thank you Kai Champlin.

2. Keeps you looking younger.
Another bonus of massage is that it improves circulation allowing your skin to glow with a natural radiance. Who needs to go under the knife and risk being on an episode of Botched when you can simply sign up for a massage. At Kai we offer a variety of facial massages which are known to soften facial expressions helping reduce lines and wrinkles. They say facial expressions control your mood… so basically if you’re face is relaxed, your brain feels relaxed. I’m serious, let your face relax and try being mad… it’s not a thing. Okay maybe it is a thing, but either way your face will thank you for combating those wrinkles by not scowling your brows.

3. Boosts your immune system.
The last thing I want to mention is that massage enhances the production of a natural killer cell, which is your body’s first line of defense in battling harmful bacteria, toxins and waist buildup. So in short… help your body build its strongest army, there is strength in numbers.

Happier. Younger. Healthier. Take care of yourself, you are so worth it.

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