As a stylist we hear a lot of the…
“I just wish I had thicker hair.”
“I neeeeed more volume.”
“Seriously, I have no hair!”

Well, I have good news my friends… Aveda put on it’s superhairo cape and came to the rescue with the launch of their newest product, thickening tonic. As a girl with fine, flat hair myself I can tell you first hand that this bottle is full of voluminous liquid gold.

Here’s the lowdown… thickening tonic is made with alma fruit which has been used to thicken hair for generations in the Ayurveda practice (Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old Indian art of wellness of which Aveda build its foundation on). This weightless product expands each hair strand from roots to ends thickening hair immediately, while also adding shine and texture. Oh and PS, I have personally heard a lot of users comparing this product to their favorite sea salt spray. Two thumbs up Aveda!

Forget the magic genie, Avedas granting wishes. Poof, I’m out!

#themoment | blog @kaisalonmn

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