Shampure Dry Shampoo

It’s 7:52AM, your late for work and ah.. you definitely don’t have time to wash your hair. Like… where is the “If I Could Turn Back Time!” button!?

If this is your life let Aveda save you some time with their newest product to hit the market, shampure dry shampoo. Oh, and let me correct myself… this product is in fact a gem even if you are not running late, I really just wanted to reference Cher.


Nourishing Style Cream


  • detangles
  • seals in moisture
  • nourishes hair
  • controls frizz in intense humidity
  • curly or straight, thick or thin… it’s good on all hair types and textures
  • weightless
  • blow-dry or air-dry, it does not require heat to activate




My name is Michelle Aalbers, Registered Thai Therapist, (200) Registered Yoga Teacher, and owner of Synchrony next door in Brooklyn Park. Have you ever heard of Thai yoga bodywork? I hadn’t either until 4 years ago. It’s hard to describe the experience. I won’t search for words. Instead I invite you to come to the mat and see what it’s all about. Here is what one of my clients had to say after a session.


You Are So Worth It

“I need a massage!” How many times have we heard that?! I think I’ve probably said it at least 7 times today. We all know there are ample reasons why we should get a massage, but I thought I’d highlight 3 since I like that number.


calling all men - hair style

Calling All Men

Ladies, if you would… kindly step aside and make room for the fellas. Fellas, it’ll just be 3 minutes of your time.

Spring is an image of change, and of course that includes new ‘dos. For your convenience we have provided some pictures and descriptors on some trendy spring styles that have already hit the pavement at Kai Salon. Don’t worry you won’t have to bust out a hairdryer and add 17 minutes to your prep time (unless that’s your jam, then have at ‘er!).


Bev's Wine Bar

A Northloop Gem

The Northloop just hit Thrillists top 12 coolest neighborhoods in the country and I’m totally not surprised. The Northloop is a vision of the arts and is home to Minneapolis’ best businesses (there is no bias in that statement btw). Although the Northloop is just now getting major attention there is one business I want to highlight as they knew cool, before cool was cool.


valentines kai salon

Beautiful Valentine

It’s February 2015 and Valentines Day just so happens to land on a Saturday, talk about the perfect setup for a romantic night out. You’ve got the outfit, the shoes, the accessories… but, what to do with hair and makeup?! Don’t fret, we’ve got the fix. Nothing says V-day like some bouncing waves and a bold lip, it really can be that simple to get him to say “Whoa, baby!” You’re on your own to practice the slow mo head shake and perfect pouty lip, but we’ve got your back on some quick and easy “how to’s” on how to create soft waves and a flawless makeup application for your night out on the town.


About Kai Salon and Spa

Our First Blog!

Well hello there and welcome to the very first blog by Kai Salon. We are excited to hit the blogosphere with some of our hair and fashion insights as well as keep you looped in on whats happening in and around the salon(s) locations. I write salon(s) with a parenthesis because there are two Kai Salons, one in the northern Minneapolis suburb of Champlin and the second location tucked in the middle of Minneapolis’ fastest growing neighborhood, the Northloop. For convenience purposes and to keep up with the latest lingo we’ll be referring to the Northloop as NOLO. Both locations are Aveda concept salons and are definitely fly. Yes, I just used “fly” as a descriptor, one because I grew up in the 90’s and two because they really are. Let me break down the locations so you can understand each flavor.


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