Protect what you love

Two people sat down in the 1970’s and had a real talk about environmental issues, they brought to light Earth Day and from that has expanded what we now know as Earth Month. Earth Month happens every April and is dedicated to raise environmental awareness for the planet we love. Since 1999, Aveda has raised over $30 million to help support non-profit Earth Month partners, with a large portion of that going towards clean water projects.

Every 20 seconds a child dies from lack of access to clean water, and over 3 million people die each year from water related diseases. I do apologize for those harsh statistics but the truth is… its real. You can help make a difference both locally and globally, here’s how…


  • What is this? It’s exactly what it says it is… save water by drinking beer. Okay, I’m in!
  • How will it help me give back to the community? The tickets are $20 and 100% of the proceeds will go to the local organization, Minnesota Audubon Society. We need to protect the 10,000 lakes in our backyard and this will absolutely help.
  • Is there anything besides beer at this place? Tickets include all you can drink beer (yes, all-you-can-drink), a sandwich and chips, a raffle ticket (which include some pretty stellar prizes I might add) and… a coupon to the best salon in the Twin Cities (no bias here, and can be used at either Kai location). This sounds like the best $20 ever spent, if you ask me.
  • Where and when can I attend this shindig? It’s at Willy McCoy’s in Champlin, MN from 3pm-6pm on Sunday, April 12.

**Bonus Notes** Flaunt Accessories (+ clothing) as well as Turn’n’Heads Productions will be joining us! With this bonus and all the other deets, I’m 117% positive you’ll be hastagging #bestsundayfundayever in all your photos. Click join through our Facebook event page and we’ll see you there!

Now that I’ve touched on how you can support locally, here’s how you can support Aveda’s clean water initiatives globally…


For over 8 years the Aveda Light the Way Earth Month Candle has raised money for clean water projects around the globe. This years candle was inspired by the people of Madagascar. It’s fresh, springy aroma is made from Malagasy organic essential oils including cinnamon, vanilla, ylang ylang and clove (an insider tip: as the candle melts use wax like a lotion on your skin, I promise you won’t regret it), the wax is made of soy which burns clean with 30 hours of burn time, the glass was created from 100% reclaimed beverage bottles and the packaging was designed by Malagasy children who were asked to create artwork on what clean water has meant to them. 100% of the proceeds go towards Global Greengrants Fund for clean water initiatives, and just one $12 candle will provide a year supply of clean drinking water for a person living in Madagascar.

Be a part of Aveda’s mission and support our continued efforts towards environmental leadership. Shop, donate and watch an animated true story showing how these candles have made a difference:

Protect what you love.

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