• detangles
  • seals in moisture
  • nourishes hair
  • controls frizz in intense humidity
  • curly or straight, thick or thin… it’s good on all hair types and textures
  • weightless
  • blow-dry or air-dry, it does not require heat to activate

What is this “it” you ask… it is Aveda’s newest product to hit the market, Nourishing Style Cream. Nourishing Style Cream is part of Aveda’s Smooth Infusion line and is made with certified organic shea and cupuaçu butter.

We’ve all heard of shea butter, but let’s talk about cupuaçu. #1 It’s really fun to say… here’s a hint on how to pronounce so you can sound cool to all your friends: coop-oh-ah-sooo. #2 Cupuaçu is a superfruit known as “the pharmacy in a fruit” and grows on cupuaçu trees in the Amazon Rainforest. The cupuaçu butter that is used in the Nourishing Style Cream is made from cupuaçu seeds. I think I like this cupuaçu. PS how many times can I say cupuaçu?!

This brilliant butter combo will leave your hair feeling like wow. Find it on your favorite Aveda shelf… you’ll be glad you did.

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