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Calling All Men

Ladies, if you would… kindly step aside and make room for the fellas. Fellas, it’ll just be 3 minutes of your time.

Spring is an image of change, and of course that includes new ‘dos. For your convenience we have provided some pictures and descriptors on some trendy spring styles that have already hit the pavement at Kai Salon. Don’t worry you won’t have to bust out a hairdryer and add 17 minutes to your prep time (unless that’s your jam, then have at ‘er!).


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Sleek Top Knot Tutorial

Minnesota has definitely been flirting with the warm breeze and it’s got us all craving that sweet summer sunshine. Yes, unfortunately, the 65* weather was only a tease, but fortunately… we have officially kicked off into spring (which means her bff summer is waiting just around the corner).

With the turn of the seasons we want keep you up on some quick and easy hair tips starting with a sleek top knot. Here are details and a great video on how to achieve this look:

valentines kai salon

Beautiful Valentine

It’s February 2015 and Valentines Day just so happens to land on a Saturday, talk about the perfect setup for a romantic night out. You’ve got the outfit, the shoes, the accessories… but, what to do with hair and makeup?! Don’t fret, we’ve got the fix. Nothing says V-day like some bouncing waves and a bold lip, it really can be that simple to get him to say “Whoa, baby!” You’re on your own to practice the slow mo head shake and perfect pouty lip, but we’ve got your back on some quick and easy “how to’s” on how to create soft waves and a flawless makeup application for your night out on the town.


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