Shampure Dry Shampoo

It’s 7:52AM, your late for work and ah.. you definitely don’t have time to wash your hair. Like… where is the “If I Could Turn Back Time!” button!?

If this is your life let Aveda save you some time with their newest product to hit the market, shampure dry shampoo. Oh, and let me correct myself… this product is in fact a gem even if you are not running late, I really just wanted to reference Cher.


Nourishing Style Cream


  • detangles
  • seals in moisture
  • nourishes hair
  • controls frizz in intense humidity
  • curly or straight, thick or thin… it’s good on all hair types and textures
  • weightless
  • blow-dry or air-dry, it does not require heat to activate


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