Bev's Wine Bar

The Northloop just hit Thrillists top 12 coolest neighborhoods in the country and I’m totally not surprised. The Northloop is a vision of the arts and is home to Minneapolis’ best businesses (there is no bias in that statement btw). Although the Northloop is just now getting major attention there is one business I want to highlight as they knew cool, before cool was cool.

Bev’s Wine Bar has called NOLO home for 20 years! Yep, that’s right folks, 20 years. That’s quite the accomplishment and I attest that to their great management, service and of course delicious vino. Let’s talk ambiance for a minute because that’s always a huge thing for an establishment to master, and Bev’s has got it down. You’ll find yourself in a candlelit cozy atmosphere with floor to ceiling windows and dim lighting. This intimate setting comes with minimal decor allowing the building to show its true artistic mastery. Not only does Bev’s know how to do it visually for us, they’ve got the beats down too. Every Friday and Saturday night at 9pm there is a DJ who spins his vinyl, I feel cool just being in the presence of such coolness. Also, the DJ is tucked behind the bar so it’s like you don’t even know he’s there until you know he’s there. Incognito always keeps you in the cool kids club my friends. One last thing on this hidden gem is that they’ve got a stellar patio. You can sip wine, nosh on your favorite cheese plate and watch the sunset over the Minneapolis skyline… um, yes please.

Keep doin’ what your doin’ Bev’s, we applaud you and are happy to call you our neighbor.

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